Kings and emperors have already been guests of honour here, and for this reason the largest room in the Historisches Kaufhaus is called the “Kaisersaal”. In the course of the 19th century, however, the room was used to a greater and greater extent for hosting meetings: Until the Second World War, the Citizens’ Committee met in the Kaisersaal, and the Baden state parliament carried on its debates here. Mighty oak pillars support the wooden ceiling beams, and the importance of this room is communicated in an imposing way to its visitors, who have lasting memories of many glamorous events here.

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Floor plan and kinds of seating Kaisersaal

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Facts & Figures

Suitable for: Event, Spectacular, Congress, Concert
Capacity: 350 Pers.
Theatre seating: 1 - 292 Pers.
Parliamentary seating: 1 - 106 Pers.
Banquet seating: 1 - 170 Pers.
Surface area: 270 m2

Historisches Kaufhaus