Wirtschaftsregion Freiburg e.V.

In addition of the City of Freiburg and the rural boroughs of Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald and Emmendingen, the cities and districts of these boroughs belong to the Freiburg Economic Region, which was founded in 1994. The close integration of local competence and bundled marketing across the region in a national and international context makes the Freiburg Economic Region the right group to consult on all business matters.


The Economic Region’s team offers companies willing to locate here as well as existing companies, members and those willing to start up a business the following support and services, among others:

  • Site marketing
  • Site development
  • Management of commercial properties
  • Consulting, specialised information and contacts with government agencies
  • Promotion of regional, trans-regional and cross-border cooperation
  • Fostering of contacts, networks and partnerships
  • Internal marketing and lobbying
  • Acquisition of further qualifications through cooperation such as with the Verwaltungs- und Wirtschaftsakademie (VWA) in Freiburg

The Freiburg Economic Region is supported by public finance institutions and power utilities.

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Wirtschaftsregion Freiburg e.V.
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